We support our clients throughout the lease period with a Lease Service Plan to make sure your whole fleet remains in tip-top condition for their riders. The cost of this will be added to the monthly payments.

The 2-year Lease Service Plan includes an Interim Service at 6 months a full service at 1 year, and a Full Service in year 2.
The minimum saving is 46% off standard servicing costs and larger fleets will receive additional discounts.
Essentially, leased bikes will receive 3 services across 2 years for under £7 a month per bike, excluding VAT.
If your bikes require additional servicing outside of the plan, we will send a mechanic to you to carry out work on the fleet. A fee will be charged for this service based on a half-day or full-day rate. £541.67 per day or £291.67 for a half day, excluding VAT. Travel charges may apply.


We provide additional Support Bundles to assist our clients in providing the best service, safety, security and comfort to their riders
GPS Tracking: For some clients, fleet tracking will be an important factor. To support this, we can provide GPS units at a discounted rate and install them free of charge. Separate app subscriptions may apply.
Accessories, Safety and cleaning products: During the lease period our clients may source items from our stores or website with a discount of 20% off RRP

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