Bike Leasing UK is the leading bike leasing company in the UK.

We help businesses and organisations lease bikes and ebikes in a budget-friendly way removing the expense and hassle of purchasing and maintaining their own bikes.

A whole range of industry sectors can benefit from this model and make cycling more accessible to their colleagues and customers.

Any type of bike can be leased. Wherever you need to move people or goods in a sustainable, practical, and enjoyable way, leasing is a tangible business benefit.  You can lease a kid’s bike to a commercial cargo bike and everything in between.

  • Hospitality – hotels, campsites, holiday parks, and tourist attractions.
  • Councils and other Public Sector bodies
  • Close-proximity multi-site or campus-based organisations – Universities, Health trusts
  • Compound-based organisations such as factories, plants, and power stations.
  • Last-mile delivery businesses such as retailers, restaurants, and caterers.
  • Courier businesses
  • Tradespeople – window cleaners, mobile mechanics, plumbers etc

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